Grime River

Grime River is a river big enough and long flowing Kemtuik region, Rubens and Nimboran. And the color of the water is always blurry and looks like a water color digonjangkan by children.

In Kemtuik, villages living on the riverside Grime include: village Mamda, Meikari, Bonggrang, Kwansu yanim well, they often use this water for everyday kebuhan namely, bath, laundry, and also for cooking.

People from other tribes used to call people from Kemtuik, Rubens and Nimboran with the title The Grime valley.

Actually Grime river is not too big, but at first the Reverend Samuel Isack Kenye has written a song about the river Grime poem in the book Golden Flute, therefore other areas in Papua, they know the song about "Far upstream river near Grime". And Sometimes people from other areas think that the river was in the area Grime Netherlands when it was in our area, and it's our river. Therefore other people often call the people who inhabit the banks as the People Grime Grime.

As seen in a dream or prophecy ISKenye has written poetry about the river Grime. But it is true that the meaning of this song is very deep. By the Holy Spirit who has met him, so that he can see far into the future where others do not see, because he had written a song lyric meanings in them.

Its meaning from revealed today, but ... it was very difficult to understand.

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