About the Kemtuik

About The Kemtuik

The so-called people Kemtuik is Merem yanim society. However, all the tribes Kleku, Mlap tribes and tribal Ikuoy (east) all spoke in Kemtuik. And this Kemtuik people, life along the river Grime. They are happy because the New Testament was published in the language.

This website has been created with the purpose to save or share songs, vidio, fairy tales, the Good News, and others can store and share here, can also be split into other people who see it will join in the singing. And also Kemtuik children, children Gresi, Mlap children, children who are overseas Moy will read it too.

Indeed, there are a lot of people Kemtuik story. To write everything in this article, not enough time. Therefore, the next opportunity will menceritrakan at length. In these days, will ceritrakan about Jacob and Juliana who are following the workshop 'Website'.

On October 29, 2012 stairs we have started with workshops, and trained by both the father from the outside. The original plan was to be completed on Tuesday. However, because of the time they get older, the workshop will be closed on Friday 9 November 2012.

Therefore, the father, mother, brothers-Ms., we announced: "Who has the mind wants to be well known to the public, it must write well in tulisam bari handed. Well in order to write this wepsite, and will be shown to the public.

For now, ceritra about Kemtuik ends here. Will be told length on another occasion.


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