Kemtuik name was not yet well understood and spoken by the people themselves Kemtuik. By Jotham the father Bayram said that, "The word Kemtuik was called first by birds, tui ... ... tui tui, tui tuguiey-a!" And the father of Titus Marasian tell, "it barasal Kemtuik name from the word" tuik "which means" the king's inauguration. "But the word" tuik "it also has the meaning of dried coconut trees bud, there is another sense, which means taking or picking.

But according to my mother, Kemtuik name was said by someone else from the beach or the lake, that it is the 'Metuik "means a person who lives on the mainland.

That is why people who speak kemtuik land called Kemtuik society.
Kemtuik villages are, Demetim, Merem, Kebew, Seblom, Bano, Brasu, Wawit, Ambea, Sekorik, Sawiron, Sabeyapkecil, Sabeyab, Sewi, Aip, Blamali, Kebew, Waioh, Sabron-samon, Mamda-yawan, Kungday, Mamda-samon, Mamda-dumadi. Nggano, Meikari, Seding-Udong, Bongrang, Yekui, Kwansu, Klipkaw, Hamongrang was speaking Kemtuik Mlap.
It is true that the so-called public interest is Merem Kemtuik-yanim. But tribes Kleku, Mlap, Ikuoy are all speaking the "Kemtuik". Kemtuik speaking people live along the stream sunagi Grime. They rejoice, because the New Testament was printed in the language and dilucurkan Kemtuik in 2008. Furthermore, it is now November 9, 2012, to coincide with the anniversary (HUT) Fellowship (PKB) GKI has occurred launch of Website Kemtuik in

This is a very important day for the people Kemtuik, therefore each year should give thanks and gratitude constantly to God the Father, Jesus Christ and God's Holy Spirit.
This is a writing experiment for input in the internet. Walaupu many mistakes, but very enjoyable.
Who wrote:
Father Jacob Bemey
Children Yulianan Marasian

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